Our Goals

The basic goal (basic goal) of the Foundation is to promote different types of arts in accordance with the spirit of the age and to use the opportunities provided by the modern world to develop “Y” and “Z” generation young artists in the field of digital integration.

Our foundation aims to help young emerging artists develop their skills by digitizing the modern world and using ever-evolving technology through online and offline IT education.

Digital education


Promoting modern arts for young people of the “Y” and “Z” generations.

Educating young creators online and offline IT and digitally integrating their art.

Facilitating the digital adaptation and usability of works of art




Providing professional, artistic and educational background, developing this background, exploring opportunities for further training and facilitating participation in them.

Provide online training to ensure safe access to Generations Y and Z and fill gaps in the current education system in the field of cultural training and IT.

Organizing lectures that are not currently available in the traditional education system, such as knowledge of mental health (self-knowledge, self-confidence development, time management), basic knowledge of finance and labor law (financial management, tax management), can be considered as filling gaps.

Promoting the freelance / digital nomadic lifestyle among young artists, ensuring a reduction in unemployment in the event of future closures, quarantines and other economic downturns.


Event organizing


Organization of events, professional demonstrations, exhibitions, performances, screenings, workshops, concerts to encourage young people's personal development and community building; and providing opportunities to promote their creative works in the form of exhibitions held physically or online.


Career Model


Professional co-operation primarily with domestic companies in order to reduce the labor shortage, as well as to assess the needs of the company and to organize targeted trainings.

Encouraging young mentees to take up employment in the Hungarian corporate sector, thus strengthening their sense of national self-awareness and responsibility for economic recovery in Hungary.


International Relations


Contacting similar non-profit organizations in European Union countries, establishing twinning relationships, regular contacts, exchanges of views, joint participation in artistic and other cultural events.

Contact and art care with national and ethnic minorities in Hungary and with Hungarians living abroad.

Building Community


Unleashing social self-activity and community life along with encouraging sensitivity to the arts.

Continuous development of the objectives of the foundation and taking care of their implementation, continuous provision and expansion of the necessary system of conditions; and to promote and broaden the development of community life, which is the basis of foundation life.

Board of Trustees

Ottó Fehér

Member of The Board

Dr. Tamás Gera


Viktor Strehling


Partners / Artists


We believe that the achievements of the digital world need to be implemented in art as well. The NFTs that are mentioned a lot today have huge and unique opportunities for creators. While the phenomenon itself and the process of cryptocurrencies are divisive, it undoubtedly represents one of the main future roads of the art scene.

Our experienced colleagues are ready to help artists who want to learn about this new direction and put technology at the service of their work. In addition to professionally creating NFTs, we provide comprehensive marketing support and the opportunity to sell their work as members of an art community.

It is important to note that our foundation does not wish to participate in the formation of hyps and bubbles in the NFT markets. We only want to promote works with added and real artistic value and provide them with the benefits of the digital cryptographic world.

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We can receive grants in different ways. All financial and other support will be used strictly to support emerging artists in line with the objectives set out above.

Forms of donations

Financial support

General purpose financial support

Financial support specialized for the purposes indicated above

Our bank account number

Erste Bank Hungary Zrt. – 11600006-00000000-94722134


Non - financial grant

From established artists: artwork (even in digital form), mentoring role, social exhibition opportunity

For galleries: providing an opportunity for our artists to appear, creating a partnership framework with our patrons

For companies: the possibility of exhibiting at a corporate event, offering practical positions


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